That Awkward Moment

You know the feeling. That tug inside your heart to say something about your faith. The conditions are perfect to talk to your co-worker or neighbor about Jesus. But suddenly your palms start sweating and your mouth goes dry. Where’s that perfect segue when you need it? Sharing Christ doesn’t have to be awkward. We can help.

So what exactly is My Hope America? In short, it’s a way to share the hope you have in Christ with the people in your world. In conjunction with your own story, the outreach uses a 30-minute program featuring life-changing testimonies mixed with a powerful message from Billy Graham. All you need to do is keep building those relationships and sign up for free online training. Click below for a taste of the program you’ll be showing your guests—via DVD or online streaming.

Get ready now with free online training from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. This self-paced online experience features videos and other materials to help you learn to share your faith—not just during the My Hope America program, but anywhere, anytime you have the chance. Get started at

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