Reaction to My Hope America

Hear from the first participants in the My Hope with Billy Graham National Training Launch at the Cove. Find out why they are so excited!

  • Charles Wiggins

    God Bless you Billy Graham for all 0f your years of faithful to our LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.

  • Bruce Coleman

    Yes, in my daily prayers, America is at the top of my list that we all as believer’s in Jesus Christ need to get together in having the biggest revival for Jesus that’s ever been, not just here in the US but in Jerusalem as will.

  • Ibrahim Franco

    I would like to know, why did Billy Graham stated in the TV show of Larry King, and to Robert Shuller on National TV..that Jesus is not the only way.. This, in so many words. .

  • Carol Geary

    God bless you Mr. Graham, I have watched so many of your tv programs and still watch the old ones. I can’t beleive even bac k in the 80′s how far advanced in prophecy about what is going on today and our hope is still Jesus Christ.