Plan Your Event

Ways to Host Your My Hope Event

The My Hope steps can be used in varying ways and a variety of venues:

  • Homes

    In all 57 countries where we’ve previously carried out My Hope—the most effective way we’ve seen is in homes. We urge pastors and churches to motivate, train and encourage believers to use their homes for the most effective My Hope outreach.

  • Youth Groups

    Plan the gathering for youth, show a My Hope DVD, have one or two prepared young people give their brief testimony, then give a clear invitation and lead in prayer to receive Christ.

  • Small Group Meetings

    Group members can bring the people they’re praying for to an event where the DVD is shown and a testimony is given, followed by a clear invitation and prayer to receive Christ.

  • Meetings in the Church Building

    Train believers to reach out to friends, family and neighbors, and bring them to the My Hope meeting at the church. Show the My Hope program, offer a brief testimony or two, and the pastor can lead an invitation and prayer for people to receive Christ.

  • Community Meetings

    Several families can work together to invite friends, family and neighbors to a block party or similar event where the My Hope DVD and brief testimonies are shared, followed by an invitation to receive Christ.

  • Coffee Houses, Parks, Informal Gatherings

    The My Hope programs can be shown on a smart phone or tablet to two or three friends in any informal setting. Share your testimony— then kindly ask if they want to pray to receive Christ.

No matter what strategy a church chooses, start praying regularly now.

“… By all means save some.” — 1 Corinthians 9:22