My Hope Movement Hits First Baptist Orlando

By Lisa Moseley

The math to reach an entire nation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ is simple: “Addition won’t work,” said Jim Wood of My Hope with Billy Graham. “We need multiplication.”

As the temperature and sun rose over First Baptist Orlando, so did the number of people gathering at the church’s “Faith Hall.”

Jim Wood, the mobilization director of My Hope with Billy Graham, led the group in a presentation about how to prepare opening your homes this November and asked a poignant question: “Will you help us multiply?”

“Addition won’t work,” said Wood, “We need multiplication.”

He continued to explain that adding just one or two to the group that gathered Thursday isn’t really fulfilling what God has call upon us to do in the Great Commission.

The work that lies ahead is for these committed attendees to go out and take on the task of training others. Maybe not a room full like were present in central Florida today, but maybe 5 or 10 or 20.

A group from nearby Frostproof, Fla., drove more than 60 miles to First Baptist Orlando to hear about getting involved with My Hope with Billy Graham, a nationwide evangelistic event across the U.S. and Canada.

Pastors and other church leaders found out exactly what it means to be a Matthew, the key component of My Hope. Matthews will invite their friends, family and neighbors over to watch a culturally relevant 30-minute program featuring music, testimony and a Gospel presentation by Billy Graham.

Gary, a self-described Prodigal Son, may be one of thousands of Matthews in Florida alone and he has a testimony to share with his circle of influence.

Gary had struggled with crack-cocaine, alcohol and other addictions. Shortly after being released from prison, he sat one night by himself and on the brink of falling back into his old habits, his life flashed before him.

Gary stopped in that moment — he still recalls the day, Nov. 7, 1989 — and called out to God for help and promised to turn away from his addictions forever. “I never looked back,” said Gary.

Like the challenge offered by Mr. Wood in the meeting, Gary is already multiplying the message of hope found in Jesus Christ.

He shares his journey with those he encounters and is now bringing My Hope with Billy Graham back to his church.

Others started their journey on Thursday.

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