My Hope Movement Hits Charlotte, N.C.

By Trevor Freeze

With training for pastors and church leaders already complete in Portland, Birmingham, Ala., and Washington D.C., the My Hope with Billy Graham movement hit Charlotte, N.C. today.

The clock is ticking.

Less than 11 months from now, My Hope with Billy Graham will ignite around the U.S. and Canada, an evangelistic outreach unlike anything this continent has ever seen.

“It’s almost midnight,” said Preston Parish, vice president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. It’s time to do something so we’re not scratching our heads after we’ve lost the battle and wondering what just happened.”

With the challenge of training people in two countries to share a Gospel presentation in their living rooms — or a similarly relaxed environment — a massive effort has begun.

In the past few weeks, pastors and other church leaders have been trained in seven cities across the U.S. —Portland, Sacramento, Kansas City, St. Louis, Evansville, Ind., Birmingham, Ala., and Washington D.C.

Today, the eighth training is took place in Charlotte, N.C., drawing more than 175 pastors and church representatives.

These trainings are a critical step as the network of churches and individuals involved with My Hope with Billy Graham begins to unfold.

The culmination of My Hope with Billy Graham will happen the week of Mr. Graham’s 95th birthday — November 7, 2013.

Through TV, DVD, and streaming video, trained “Matthews” will have the opportunity to share Christ with friends, family and neighbors through a 30-minute culturally relevant program, featuring music, testimony and Billy Graham preaching.