Host a Matthew Sunday

The Apostle Matthew gave us a model for evangelism that any Christian—young or old—can follow: Invite your friends to your house, and then let them meet Jesus there. You can do just that through My Hope with Billy Graham. To get your entire church on board, host a Matthew and Friends Sunday service as soon as possible.

How to Get Started:

On Matthew Sunday:

  • Using the materials provided during training, give every person present a Matthew brochure. Take a moment for each person to write down the names of 1-2 people they know who need Jesus. Pray for those names as a church.
  • Preach about Matthew’s model of evangelism (Matthew 9:9-13), and how any Christian can participate. A suggested sermon outline is found in the Pastor Manual and the online training.
  • Invite believers who are willing to be Matthews to come forward for a prayer of commitment.
  • Arrange a time to train those who volunteered to be Matthews.
  • Some churches are showing the evangelistic program “Defining Moments” in place of their message on a particular Sunday. After viewing, they have given an evangelistic invitation, and then invited the church to learn how to use the video as a tool to share Christ with their friends. They tell them to attend a training meeting later that week to learn more.