Billy Graham’s Final Call to America

By Trevor Freeze

My Hope with Billy Graham: An Outreach to U.S., Canada

For Billy Graham, it’s always been about one thing.

From his 1949 tent revivals in Los Angeles, to the 16-week New York Crusades in 1957 to more than 200,000 flocking to Flushing Meadows, N.Y. in 2005 to hear him preach one last time.

It’s always been about the Gospel.

In November 2013, one event will attempt to send that message out to the United States and Canada at one singular time. It’s the biggest evangelistic undertaking for North America in the 60-years plus history of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

The name of this endeavor: My Hope with Billy Graham.

“It could be Billy Graham’s final call to America to turn to God,” explains Preston Parrish, BGEA Vice President for My Hope with Billy Graham.

The method will change, but the message will be the same.

And the stakes have never been higher.

On the week of Billy Graham’s 95th birthday, November 7, 2013 — Christians across the entire U.S., as well as Canada, will be invited to reach their nations like never before — one friend, one family member, one neighbor at a time.

Instead of filling a stadium or packing a park, My Hope with Billy Graham will take place in homes across America, where a 30-minute video presentation will be used as the catalyst to change hearts and lives.

Some have referred to My Hope as the “Living Room Crusade.” Individuals, either on their own or through their local church, are being asked now to begin making a list of non-believers to pray for, people who are in need of the eternal and lasting hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ.

They are also being asked to register as host “Matthews” (Matthew invited his friends over to his home to meet Jesus) on the My Hope with Billy Graham website.

While the public centerpiece of My Hope has always been a 30-minute broadcast — filled with culturally relevant testimonies, music and Billy Graham preaching footage — it’s the training for evangelism and follow-up along with months, sometimes years, of prayer that make the biggest impact.

Between now and next summer, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association training on how to share one’s faith will be conducted across North America.

The training for My Hope with Billy Graham will largely happen in one of two ways — either online at the My Hope website or through pastors committed to the project. Many other logistics on how to involve 50 states are still being hammered out.

Then, during the week of Nov. 3-Nov. 9, these “Mathews” will have the opportunity to invite family, friends and neighbors to their home or some other relaxed venue to watch a specially-made 30 minute program with a clear Gospel presentation, and to give an invitation to receive Christ.

This My Hope with Billy Graham program will be available via DVD, streaming video, and on other media platforms, as well as a nationally televised broadcast on Thursday, Nov. 7, 2013 — Mr. Graham’s 95th birthday.

“He believes the Lord is going to let him live until he’s 95,” Parrish said. “What an important time to do this, and what a culmination for his ministry of evangelism.”

My Hope is not a new evangelistic project at the BGEA. For more than 10 years, 57 countries around the globe have hosted My Hope, leading to more than 10 million recorded decisions for Christ. Most recently, My Hope was used in European countries of Portugal and Spain, along with the African country of Zambia.

“Every church that tried it saw results,” said Bill Conard, director of My Hope with Billy Graham at BGEA.

Many key church and denomination leaders have already caught the My Hope with Billy Graham vision, even though the project’s culmination is 16 months away.

“God is in this thing,” Conard said. “There has been such a wide acceptance.”

Both Parrish  and Conard have been hearing one consistent message from pastors and denomination leaders nation-wide: Something drastic has to be done to save our country.

“Many people believe that if something is not done, 3 to 5 years from now, we will be living in a far different country,” Parrish said. “There’s an urgency about this. Come to God while you still can.”

Please join in praying for, and supporting financially, this massive undertaking for the Gospel.

  • Samuel C.

    My the Lord bless Billy and his team in this endeavor.

  • Ebere

    May Almighty God Guide and protect Billy and his team.

  • Rosalie Braun

    I will pray for the success of this mission. God Bless all on the team.

  • Susan Kostelnik

    Bill Graham – our Heavenly Father must be sooooo very proud to call you His Child!!

  • ann daffron

    may God bless our prayers for this country of ours.

  • Nathan Humbyrd

    I believe we need to win as many people as we can to Jesus! The Pastors of many of our churches in the US don’t preach the gospel any more but are more “culturally relevant “, thinking they can win the world by becoming like the world , this is also the reason why our churches don’t pray together any longer, I mean why pray for revival when we can just market the people in with promises of worldly “Christian entertainment” and a free coffee in the coffee shop, what we really need is REVIVAL in the church, you can’t win the lost when your lost as well, God send revival in Jesus name

  • Deborah Wood


  • Chris

    I think this is a great idea, and I would like to join Billy Graham in praying for our nation, my home, my neighborhood, etc.

  • Friend

    Hoping for a move of the Holy Spirit in every room where there are those gathered and through Him millions will be drawn to Christ. Jesus said, “And I if I be lifted up I will draw men to me.”

  • Barbara Stewart

    I am so connected to BGEA that every time I get I am handing out or placing Jesus tracts wherever I go, because I love for people to be saved. Too many churches today do not teach discipleship and the churches are perishing like never before. Help us God – We need the wind of the Holy Spirit now. We need the Blood of Jesus taught again instead of the pastors and bishops being socalled stars themselves. Help us Holy Spirit. My job is to stay loaded with the weapon of his word and never stop evangelizing in Jesus Name, Amen.
    Barbara Stewart

  • R. Odegaard

    I pray that this does not happen and we all turn to Jesus who is needed more than ever. I am a Lutheran and have been for most of my life. I once believed that God had abandoned me but it was the other way around. I abandoned God but He was waiting for me to come back and He welcomed me back with open arms. I can only pray that we have a change in leadership this election year and we keep this country from falling into unwanted hands.

  • Vicki VanDenHandel

    Absolutely will be praying with & for you- for the Lord to pour out His Holy Spirit on our Land & our people’s hearts. Will share this with my church! Thank you & God bless you Rev Graham. You are a remarkable child of the King & His servant. What a blessing you are.

  • Mary

    This is so exciting I am praying for this. God has given me so much in the past few years I want everyone to turn to Him and lay their burdens at His feet! Thank you Billy and the BGEA for what you do . Mary

  • Anna

    I live in Ukraine and I was once converted due to Dr. Graham’s books… His clear Gospel message helped me to open my heart for Christ as no other pastor or preacher could have ever done it. It’s obvious that Billy Graham has a vivid gift – to share the living words of God. May God bless him and I hope some day to meet him, if not on earth then in heaven.

  • Natalie Schmidt

    God bless you Billy Graham! May the Lord keep you and shine His face upon you! May he keep you safe and sound in all ways as we pray and go and seek out the lost to be a witness to our Lord Jesus Christ and the power of His precious shed blood. May the church arise to the calling and have urgency as we await that Great Day! I was saved at Dr.Graham’s invitation to repent and turn to Jesus in St.Louis, Mo 1999. Billy Graham will forever hold a special place in my heart and I look forward to the day of sharing Glory with him in the presence of our Most HIgh Heavenly Father. All praise be to God who gets all the Glory! Thank you Lord for the good and faithful servant Billy Graham!

  • Barbara Gifford

    I have been richly blessed by Billy Graham and his ministry, throughout my life. May God continue to bless Billy Graham and his evangelists. May every living person hear the word of God and come to know Jesus as their personal savior. That’s our goal, right