A picture’s worth a thousand words

By Joe Mott

This week we’ve been busy preparing an important part of our training for churches. In every country where we’ve held a My Hope project, one of the challenges is to clearly communicate how any Christian can reach out to friends, family and neighbors using this strategy. Our goal is to give every Christian in the country the opportunity to use this tool. To do that it’s best to paint a picture. So, we are currently in production of a video that demonstrates how to be a Matthew in a North American context. We’ll be sure to send you a link in a couple months when it’s completed.

It was exciting to be on the set with the actors and crew and to imagine that what they are capturing will be multiplied many times over across the country. Think about it. We shot video of ONE Matthew praying for his friends, building their relationship, inviting them to their home, watching the program, sharing their story of what Christ has done in their life, and then giving a clear invitation to pray for forgiveness. JUST ONE. What if there were ten Matthews in your church? What if tens of thousands of churches participate? What if HUNDREDS of thousands of Matthews are mobilized across the country!?! I’ve had the privilege of being present as we’ve shot five of these videos in various countries in Africa and Latin America and God has used it each time. Pray for our team now as we edit this training tool together so that hundreds of thousands can participate. God bless you!